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Hi, my name is Lowell Klassen, I have 17 years experience in branding and website strategy. Being a solo entrepreneur for Profuzion Studio, I don't need a large team that will eventually mislead the process of getting your company results. Instead, my expertise is targeted and focused, to not only help your business establish a powerful presence, but turns your visitors, into ideal customers.Let's get together and push the envelope for your company.

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About Profuzion Studio
Profuzion Studio is a professional branding & web strategy studio in Winkler, Manitoba that converts viewers of your brand, into visitors to your website, and finally ideal customers bycommunicating knowledge and trust, making you the only solution to their problem.

Who I Am

I am genuine and authentic, I do what I say, and use humour along the way (that rhymes). I have a passion for making music and watching future/space movies, as much as my passion for helping businesses grow their profits. Any quote from Simpsons would be insanely hard to get over my head. And, if you invite me to play some vidya games, be prepared to kick me out when it's your bed time.
Lowell Klassen
Lowell Klassen

Lowell Klassen

Owner, Chief Designer

My Studio



After we have an intial meeting, I will have an understanding of where you would personally like to see your company. From there, I will create the branding for your company that will specifically target your audience and a website that will focus on your visitors, and turn them into ideal customers by website conversion and focused attention to solving their problem.

What We Do

I have 17 years of experience in the design industry, and understand what it takes to make your company stand out. Let me help your company speak volumes, with an old school megaphone, and a big picket sign...Or something more influential like my services below:
Lowell Klassen
Lowell Klassen

Lowell Klassen

Owner, Chief Designer


Creating a fuzion of ideas, that takes your company above the reach of your competitors. You and I, team up together to strategize your business and discover a new life above the sea.


I am passionate about creating a new and long lasting relationship with you, and your hopefully tame pets. Delivering a strategy that works for your business, and seeing you succeed! Here are some of my clients:
  • Bill Klassen Auctions Ltd. Client
  • Enviro-Tech Powder Coating Client
  • Pembina Valley Client
  • Randy Klassen Drywall Ltd. Client
  • SkyPixel Films Client
  • Wink City Signs Client
  • Allure Home Improvements & Electric
  • Davis Loeppky Projects
  • Finesse Mudding & Taping
  • Klassen Building Soluctions Client
  • Traction Management Group Client
  • Symbolic Stamped Stories Client
  • ENR Drywall Client
  • Bartsch Brothers Construction Client
  • Core Fitness Client





P: 204.362.6171
Winkler, Manitoba, Canada

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