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Hi, my name is Lowell Klassen, and I'm a solo designer with 18 years experience in branding and website strategy. My mission is to get your company more leads, by creating awareness of your company. Providing you an amazing company identity, and by giving you the control back, by making you a website that is easy for you to update!Let's get some coffee, and talk about getting you more customers.

Design that takes your company further.

About Profuzion Studio
THE DIFFERENCE: Profuzion Studio is a solo run, professional branding & web strategy studio in Winkler, Manitoba. Lowell helps your business establish a presence locally, driving traffic to your website, and turning people into customers, using website conversion.

Who I Am

I am honest, genuine, and authentic. I don't say anything truthless, unless I'm being sarcastic...(which you will know). I like to think I have a PHD in making musics jams, and my cryptonite is watching future/space movies. Music fuels my motivatation for my creativity and helps me get your objectives done! Any Simpsons quotes are insanely hard to get over my head. And, if playing vidya games is on the table...let's just see how late we wanna stay up doing that. ok?
Lowell Klassen
Lowell Klassen

Lowell Klassen

CEO, Chief Designer

My Company


Brand Strategy

After speaking with you, I will have an understanding of where you would personally like to see your company in the future. From there, I will create the branding for your company that will specifically target your audience and a website that will focus on your visitors, and turn them into ideal customers by website conversion and focused attention to solving their problem. This will create more profit for you, and the end result of happy customers with solutions from your company.

Web Srategy

The key to a great brand and website strategy, is to have an amazing brand that resonates with the customer, beckoning them to move forward in seeking out your company. This is why you need a website conversion funnel steering your prospects towards buying from you, and not someone else. A conversion funnel is a way to visualize and comprehend the flow and conversion of potential customers into paying customers. See below for illustration:
  • Brand Awareness

    To have a conversion funnel we have to pull (not pour) prospects into your funnel. We do this by making people aware of your brand. We ask the question, “Where are my customers coming from and how did they become aware of my product?”
  • Product Interest

    After we pull prospects into your website funnel, we build their interest in your product or service. Your content and website are possibly the best tools for doing this. Content and websites that keep visitors interested and engaged are crucial for helping the prospect get to know, like, and trust you.
  • Brand Desire

    Now it’s time to work towards making your leads even more interested in your product or service. We make them desire it! Remember, people most often desire a solution to a problem. What problem are you going to solve with your product or service? We make them desire that solution. We know we’re developing more desire as we get a higher percentage of prospects to take action.
  • Action to Buy

    The last and most important step to your funnel is the action step. This is your ultimate goal, the big action you want your prospect to take. You want them to buy! That’s why we use the conversion funnel to analyze your sales process and make improvements at each level. We make adjustments to the funnel on a ongoing basis to improve it's effectiveness.
Website Conversion

What I Do

I understand what it takes to make your company stand out. Let me help your company speak volumes, with an old school megaphone, and a big picket sign... ...actually, I'd be using my keen services below to create an amazing brand for your company:


What is more exciting than creating a brand from nothing? This is where my expertise comes into full swing, taking your company above the reach of the noise and chatter that your customers hear everyday. You and I, team up to strategize your business and turn your clients, into diehard fans.


I am passionate about creating a new and long lasting relationship with you. Working together, we can deliver a strategy to your visitors that works for your business, and creates a strategy that will work for your success! Here are some businesses I currently work with:
  • Bill Klassen Auctions Ltd. Client
  • Enviro-Tech Powder Coating Client
  • Pembina Valley Client
  • Randy Klassen Drywall Ltd. Client
  • SkyPixel Films Client
  • Wink City Signs Client
  • Davis Loeppky Projects
  • Finesse Mudding & Taping
  • Klassen Building Soluctions Client
  • Traction Management Group Client
  • Symbolic Stamped Stories Client
  • ENR Drywall Client
  • Bartsch Brothers Construction Client
  • Core Fitness Client





P: 204.362.6171
Winkler, Manitoba, Canada

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