Lowell Klassen

Graphic Designer / Strategy Partner
Winkler, Manitoba, Canada

Creative and energetic problem solver with 19 years of experience in specialized design, branding and content marketing.

Are you creeping on me?

It's ok, I won't judge.


What makes Profuzion Studio unique, is it's run by myself. A content strategist of 19 years, working directly with you every step of the way. I help your business, that is having a hard time finding customers through traditional advertising avenues. I educate you, on the latest online marketing methods, we discuss the strategy and execute. In turn, attracting your ideal customer, generating you revenue for your business that you can use to fuel more online leads. This is done by a strong memorable brand, solid communication on all fronts, and a consistent message that does not waiver. I have no convoluted team to lose in communication, i.e (Who did you talk to... again?). My company exists to create a better future for your company. I will be your strategy partner through every step of your journey, to get you from where you are now, to where you are confidently surpassing your goals. Let's commit to something great!

Why marketing chose me

From humble beginnings...I was dabbling in web design at GVC in 1999. My dad, was a rising celebrity of the auction trade, still yodelling today as Bill of Bill Klassen Auctions Ltd. I noticed a recent website invoice that he had obtained from a hosting company. And I asked him "Dad, why can't I build you a nice website and update it for you?", to which he responded, "Well, go ahead and do it then," ...and so I did, and Profuzion Studio was born. I woke up at 2:00am with the logo in mind, and I got it down on screen that same night.

After studying Multimedia and Graphic Design at Robertson College in Winnipeg, and receiving my Graphic Arts Certificate at Red River, I began graphic designing for DMT Group, who maintained Canadian Automobile Brands website and produced software for their respective Automobile Dealerships. I learned quickly the discipline of working with these high demand clients, such as Mitsubishi, Volvo, Range Rover, Toyota and Mercedes. Communicating with them frequently, I learned that they were seeking immediate results, from what they envisioned, outputted onto their websites and branded advertising.

It struck a chord in myself, to realize that ongoing relationships are so important in this business. In order for my customers to be able to reach their goals... I would need to lift the transparent barrier between company and media agency. Getting the results that my clients seek, I would need to have an ongoing one-on-one relationship with my clients. This is why I'm not just a service provider, but a mind ninja... a strategy partner.

Since then, I have made it my goal in life to pursue relationships first, and secondly be approachable from business owners and those looking to rebrand their businesses. Giving them a fresh perspective on what their company could achieve, and how it could perform successfully for them, given the right strategy. Like myself, and for my clients, I do not settle for anything less than the most strategic and professional communication. From Branding, Business Cards and Decals, to Website Design, Online Ads, and eNewsletters. An all encompassing strategy that keeps all points of contact consistent, and valuable to the client. That is always the goal.

In my 19 years of marketing, the #1 thing I've learned, is that professional visual and written communication is the key to being considered by potential clients. Without consistent branding across all communication from your business...you might as well be muted from your potential customer.



It's time to simplify your strategy

If your thinking, it's time to stop dreaming of where you see your company, and want to start making it happen. Let me help you get there!

Logo / Branding

One of the first elements that a potential client will see from you. Let's make it count!

Web Design

Convey your companies services/products even while you sleep! Make it easy for customers to fall in love with you, by seeing what you're all about, and contact you.


Get the design you want on paper, and use it to attract your ideal market.

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Get to the top of Google's Search Page, so when customers start looking for your product/service, they'll choose you. SEO makes it possible.

Social Media Management

Forget about the stresses of looking after your social platforms. Let me design and publish a social media campaign for you that matches your company branding perfectly.

Online Ads

Online advertising is a great way to target your direct audience. Let me show you how to get the most for your advertising dollar.


Portray your business with branding wear that shows your company logo and with your own unique style.


Have your company vehicles reflect your business and the pride you have in it. Advertise while you drive and let them know what you stand for.

Web Hosting

Put your mind at ease with a simple web hosting package. Get as little, or as much out of it as you want.



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The marketing services I offer

These are all the listed services that I can help you grow your brand with:


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