Klassen Building Solutions


Klassen Building Solutions

Ongoing interaction with Randy Klassen, Project Manager and Peter Klassen, CEO, of Klassen Building Solutions. Profuzion Studio determined what KBS needed in order to attract their target market: commercial builders. KBS would get a full range of marketing that would get the clients they seeked.

New Logo

In determining where KBS wanted to go in their future endeavours. From talking with Randy and Peter, it was clear that they wanted the company to stay at the pinnacle of their achievements, and continue creating high rise buildings. In keeping that persective in mind, Profuzion Studio was able to craft a logo that would not online define their affinity for creating high rise buildings, but also a modern look to the title of the logo as well, that would push them into the future, as the only solution for high rise buildings.

Stationary Branding

Naturally the flow of aqua and teal colours on a clean white background, made for some pretty sharp stationary. KBS received a a full line of communication material that matched their logo and branding. A consistent look between them and their clients, would perculate their customers, into making sure KBS was at the top of their minds for High Rise Buildings.

New Website - Responsive Desktop to Mobile

Understanding that the word "Building" was the biggest thing staring us in the face of design. The website would have to encapsulate that word, while giving defined structure to KBS's branding. Embodying all the building elements, to make them flow, and convey that KBS had all the pieces in place exactly where they needed to be, while making their "buildings" easy to navigate themselves; making the website easy to navigate was a must.

Launch KBS Website



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