Pembina Valley Bible Camp


Pembina Valley Bible Camp

Ongoing interaction with Todd Waldal, Camp Director at that time, and current Executive Director, Chris Harms. Profuzion Studio determined what PVBC needed in order to attract their target market: teenagers, and make the camp registration process as efficient as possible.

New Logo

In looking at pictures, and seeing the wonderful scene that is depicted when the camp has worship sessions by the river... The logo was depicted, so that the cross would be beside the flowing water. This ended up being one of the best illustrations to create a vision of PVBC, and what it's all about. This is a very simple representation, but almost an exact replica of this scene at the camp. Logo made for both light and dark backgrounds for branding.

Stationary Branding

Following the clean look of the PVBC's logo for the stationary. It would blend seamlessly for the different levels of communication that the camp would have, with it's camper's and the public. Using a lot of open white space between the elements, so they were clearly defined. The layout for each communication stationary piece gave clear direction that PVBC is sorted, structured, and exemplified in it's roll as a christian camp.

Email Signature Design

Creating a matching Email Signature Design that used the same design elements taken from the business card, and letterhead. The logo is loaded into the email body from the PVBC website server, so as not to appear as an email attachment, and be light weight. The logo would also link to PVBC's website if it was clicked on.

Rav 4 Decals

Chris was open to any direction that Profuzion wanted to take the decals, so it was decided to keep the branding consistent, and incorporate the river from the logo. This was a lot of fun and difficult at the same time. Because of the different curves that the river has, and the roundish shape that the Rav 4 body had. Giving extra length to the river decals to make sure they made it to each end destination. The hood decal was especially more difficult to keep from folding, because of the round shape of the hood itself. Ever wrap a piece of paper around a ball? The blue of the Rav 4 itself, just made the orange POP and compliment so well!

Sierra Decals

Decaling the GMC Sierra was even more fun to stylize. Using the opposite coloured dark decal on this one, there were door bumper trims 2/3's of the way down the side to watch out for. Most decal professionals would avoid the door trims all together, but decided to make sure there was enough decal length again, going over the bumpers, and it flowed beautifully. This truck was a tame white truck when received, but it left feeling like a beast!

New Website - Responsive Desktop to Mobile

Following the clean look of the PVBC branding so far, it took little time to come up with a simple clean look for the website. Complete with an easy to register camper form, the different camper's for different sessions could register easily, and choose to pay by cheque, credit card, or Paypal. This was a simple process that PVBC was especially happy with, as they would receieve the different camper registrations by email, and have the ability to turn off register for certatin sessions when they filled up.

Launch PVBC Website
Chris Harms | Executive Director, PVBC

Lowell did a great job of helping us create our brand, which included a new website, logo and vehicle decals. In the past we had relied on a number of different people to help out in different areas, so we noticed a huge improvement by having Lowell look after all the different angles. We appreciate working with Lowell and his willingness to work with a non-profit organization.



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