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AlumaReel Canada

Company Background

AlumaReelĀ® creates and offers innovative welding products for various industries, including business, commercial, and specialized mobile welding. They have a complete range of mobile welding solutions and are known for their fast and efficient rig set-ups. Their reels and metal services are of the highest quality, setting a standard of excellence in the welding industry.

Project Overview

Joseph Hofer from AlumaReel Canada reached out to me, with a vision of not only wanting a newly updated and exciting website, but also tasking us to create an interactive website featuring a 3D Configurator, that let visitors interact with each of their products and allow visitors to create the 3D interactive welding setup of their dreams on the back of a pickup truck. At the end of the build, the user could send in their build for a free estimate.

The Problem

AlumaReel’s logo wasn’t enough to draw in customers, and keep them interested in the business from a surface standpoint.

AlumaReel’s 3D models they had for their products were incredibly detailed, and too dense for having on the web.

Product Compatibility & Organization needed to be at the forefront of the project, as AlumaReel’s products are compatible only in a specific order, in order for them to work together and AlumaReel could properly estimate the setup the customer desired (i.e. ISO Build).

The 3D platform needed to be compatible with Apple & PC desktops, laptops, ipads, and tablets, as well as ios (Apple), and Android smartphones. And be able to adapt to any size screen.

The Solution

A brand identity for AlumaReel was created to help establish depth, interest, and be memorable to the visitor, by turning the business into a brand.

We used 3 different 3D platforms, in order to optimize AlumaReel’s 3D product models, to get them to the desired look and optimization needed for the website.

We organized the product compatibilty and flow of the 3D Configurator in Miro, so we’d have a visual workflow, for my team and I to understand it, ongoing.

Along with the Compatiblilty Build (ISO Build), a Parts Build was also created, to allow the user to add and take away parts that without condition, to allow user freedom of choice in parts.

The 3D Configurators – ISO Build & Parts are compatible with the latest Apple, PC, and Android browsers. I prompt advises the users to use the latest Google Chrome browser if their browser is outdated.

The Outcome

AlumaReel went from a company, to a brand, and has a steady 150% uptick in Product Build Estimates. The brand is now able to use their brand identity in other parts of their company marketing as well. As of the latest, it has been used on their Brochure, Social Media Profiles, and other brand materials.

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” We approached Lowell with the vision of not only producing a newly updated and exciting website for us, but also tasking him to create an interactive website that let visitors interact with each of our products and would allow them to create the 3D interactive welding setup of their dreams. Lowell took into account the compatibility scrutiny with how our products worked together and organized it in a way that he and his team could categorize it for ongoing use with our products. Lowell not only exceeded what we were hoping to experience with our new interactive website, but also created a complementing brand identity for us on our website that fits our logo and our business perfectly. This allowed us to use the same styling on our Brochure and other company material as well, creating a consistent Brand experience. Thank you Lowell for your expertise and all that you continue to do for AlumaReel! ”

– Joseph Hofer – CEO, AlumaReel Canada

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