When you show up to your business meeting, or having an outing with a potential client, wouldn't it be nice to represent your company in fashion? I think so too.

Merchandise Examples

These are some of the merchandise examples I've done for my clients. If you have something unique you would like to try, don't be afraid to tap and ask right here. More to come!

LET'S Make some merchandise FOR YOU


There are so many variations to merchandise to choose from.

So, I cannot give you a set price, because everyone is unique in the different options they would like. Please contact me, and I will send you back a quote:

My Designer Rate

Plus, the cost of merchandise, printing or stitching.


For any design that you would like me to custom make for you.
Printing or Sitching onto wears.
Caps, toques, shirts, formal shirts and more.

Need something clarified?

It's ok, I won't bite.
The marketing services I offer

These are all the listed services that I can help you grow your brand with:


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