Concept Case Study // Sun Valley Winery & Orchard

Sun Valley Winery & Orchard


lfred & Rosemary Smith came to Profuzion Studio, in search of a way to stand out amongst their other competitors in the country. They knew they had to change what they had already tried with their Winery, and believed that I could help them in respect to attracting more of their ideal customers to their business Firstly, I assessed what they had done in the past, where they were in their present state, and where they wanted to be for the future of their business.

From there we set out to define the brand, starting from the ground - up. I then sat down with Alfred & Rosemary, and conducted a full Brand Strategy, that revealed the purpose of the brand, their mission statement, values, and other Brand Specifics that would set them apart as a brand. Once we had that uncovered, I set to work in developing a new Brand Identity System for them, a Style Guide, Physical Collateral, Website and Social Presence to communicate their new Brand outlook, which was all funnelled through their new Brand Strategy for consistency.

Now named Sun Valley Winery & Orchard... the company has received year over year growth, and continues to be one of the top producers of wine for Canadians. Alfred & Rosemary are thrilled with their company redesign, and brand strategy, and have spoken of how they look forward to growing their brand further with Profuzion Studio.

Sun Valley Winery & Orchard - Logo DesignSun Valley Winery & Orchard - Stationary Design & Website DesignSun Valley Winery & Orchard - Vertical Logo DesignSun Valley Winery & Orchard - Bottle DesignSun Valley Winery & Orchard - Horizontal Logo DesignSun Valley Winery & Orchard - Bottle Packaging DesignSun Valley Winery & Orchard - Vertical Mark & Logo DesignSun Valley Winery & Orchard - Social Media LogoSun Valley Winery & Orchard - Barrel Design
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