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Hi, my name is Lowell Klassen. I partner with small business owners, to grow their business, through branding & online strategies.
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Website Questionnaire

Help me, help you, have the best website for your business! In a lot of cases, a website is the first impression of what your business looks like to a potential customer. This questionnaire helps me to have a better understanding of the needs for your business. Let’s make your website the best experience possible for your customer, and to make one of the best investments for your business!

It is important, that everyone involved in your business, who is part of the website decision making, is also involved in the website questionnaire answering. Please answer honestly and think about how to best represent your business online. Please answer the following questions in full:


    1. Why did you choose Profuzion Studio specifically, to the help you with your website?

    2. Why do you feel you need a new website for your business?

    Company Questions

    3. Tell me a bit about your company

    4. What does your company do?

    5. What are the short, mid, and long term goals for your company?

    6. How is your company unique from your competitors?

    7. Who is the target audience for your business?

    8. Who is your ideal customer?

    9. Which words express your company?

    Website Questions

    10. What do you want your new website to accomplish?

    11. How do you want the customer to be influenced by your website?

    12. Which website(s) appeal(s) to you and why?

    Let's get down to the nitty gritty

    13. Do you have an url in mind for your business?

    14. Do you need Profuzion Studio to buy your domain name?


    15. Do you need Profuzion Studio to provide server space for the website?


    16. Do you have a deadline for this website?

    17. Do you have a budget in mind for your website?

    Moving on to my favourite...the Design!

    18. Does your company have an established image & branding guidelines (e.g. logo, fonts, colour schemes, etc.)?

    19. Do you have print materials (such as business cards, brochures, etc. that I need to match?

    20. Who will provide the following resources?
    Stock Photography

    ClientProfuzion Studio

    Company Photography

    ClientProfuzion Studio

    Other Artwork/Illustrations

    ClientProfuzion Studio

    Copywriting Text

    ClientProfuzion Studio

    Professional Logo

    ClientProfuzion Studio

    Graphic Design

    ClientProfuzion Studio

    Meta Tags/ Descriptions / Image Descriptions

    ClientProfuzion Studio

    Font Licenses

    ClientProfuzion Studio

    21. What would you like to happen once I deliver the website?

    You would like Profuzion Studio to update your websiteI would like my company to be able to update the website on our own

    22. Would you like monthly maintenance of your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?


    23. Would you like customers to be able to sign up for a newsletter on your website?


    24. Would you like Profuzion Studio to handle the design and sending of the newsletter?


    25. How did you hear about Profuzion Studio?

    26. Is there anything else you would like to share?