Concept Case Study // AlumaReel Website & 3D Welding Rig Configurator

AlumaReel Website & 3D Welding Rig Configurator


oseph Hofer came to Profuzion Studio, in search of a way to showcase their mobile welding rig products, so that the vistor to their website could interact with the AlumaReel products, and arrange them in a realistic manner on the back of a truck, so that visually, the visitor to the site could see what they had put together, and create their dream Welding Rig.

After a weeks of research, Profuzion Studio was able to decipher how to take AlumaReel's 3D CAD Drawings, and convert them into a shell, optimized versions of themselves, in order to be fast loading for use on the web. Large scrutiny then went into laying out a detailed flow board, to visualize which products were compatible with each other (ie. the ISO Build), planning then went into creating a simple and intuitive 3D Welding Rig Configurator, along with an easy to use interface, and visually appealing Website, that would utilize AlumaReel's Branding Colours in a full-time "Dark Theme" for the website.

Profuzion Studio then worked on creating a simple, intuitive, and feature rich experience, that AlumaReel customers and website visitors, could get excited about! And make it so customers are able to get product estimates through the AlumaReel Configurator and each respective product page.

5 months of testing, tweaking and refining.. we launched in time for Ag Days in Brandon for AlumaReel Canada, and visitors were flocking to the on site 3D configurator that had been set up at the tradeshow with a large flatscreen and pc. The users loved the interactivity, building out the Welding Rig of their Dreams, and new revamp of AlumaReel's website.

Since the launch, AlumaReel has experienced an increase in visitors to the website, and large increase in product estimate requests. Joseph says he enjoys the new website, and can't wait to expand the 3D interaction further into their U.S. market.

AlumaReel Case StudyAlumaReel Case StudyAlumaReel Case Study
AlumaReel Case StudyAlumaReel Case StudyAlumaReel Case Study
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