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Hi, I'm Lowell Klassen, Brand Consultant. My experience helps your Business look more professional, generate u leads, & grow your business.
Branding, Business Name, Logo, Graphic Design, Print, Website Design, Merchandise, Vehicle Decals, Social Media Management
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Let me help you succeed using the services below:


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity System
Business Name
Graphic Design
Website Design
Vehicle Decals
Social Media Management



Google My Business – Profile
Bing Places for Business- Profile
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Ads
Google Adwords
Google Analytics



Brand Review
Website Review
Search Engine Profile Review
Social Media Profile Review


Why I do what I do

Lowell Klassen - Branding Strategist of 20 years

    Since the age of 16, I had noticed early on, that the businesses of Southern of Manitoba – while most of them had their logos in place –  everything that came after that didn’t look like much thought had been put into it, and this bothered me. I was on a mission to figure out what could be done, and what was the best way to achieve success, in making each business I help, communicate what they are uniquely about, and how they can help their customers overcome their problems.


Since then I have been infatuated with how many different branches with which branding extends. From Websites, to animation. From Logos to decals. It all needs to be consistent and work for you, the business owner. It all has to work as one cohesive brand for the business.


Getting my certificate for Graphic Arts at Red River College, and also in Multimedia Computer Application Specialist at Robertson College. I have a trained and experienced eye for specialized design, and the tools to get it where it has to be.


Now, as a branding strategist of 22 years, it has been my mission to help business owners. To give them the life they’ve always wanted, by making their business work for them, through the power of branding.


It all starts with a strategy, of how you want your business to be perceived. To create an undeniable attraction for your business, that followers grab hold of, and never let go. This will set the never ending growth for your business.


Let’s put you on a path to Succeed!


22 years of growing your business


One and then done.

At Profuzion Studio, you’ll only talk to one person, myself…Lowell Klassen. I’ll lead you through every step of the way, in what will work best, for marketing your own unique business. And I’ll help you design your visual communication to boot.


Let’s make your dream happen.

Firstly, Let’s consider where your company has come from… Secondly, where it is now… and thirdly, where you would like to see it in the future. With your goals tentatively heard, I will help you bridge the gap between what you have been dreaming of, and when it will be a reality. It can start here.


Progressive is key

Profuzion Studio strives each day, to become more proficient in the latest strategy, communication, techniques, and technology. I am continually learning, and evolving, making myself invaluable, so you can have the biggest possible impact on your clients, and grow a genuine following.


Strategy Session

We can sit down, have a needed conversion about putting a Strategy in place for every marketing angle of your business. Once this is in place, you can rest easy, knowing that with your core values in place, the steps taken for your business branding and online presence, will work as a complete system. To keep your business focused, and attentive to your true customer base, and generate you new leads without you having to worry about who to market to next.



Clarify your marketing.

Laser focus who your customers are

What my clients say

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